I am educated as jewellery artist in 2015 and as graphic designer in 1995.
Since 2009 I have been working with jewellery in my own workshop and as a freelance graphic designer.

I get inspiration for my jewellery from lots of places. From graphic design, typography, signage, old photos, packaging, collages, toys, pop-up books ect. I like to mix elements and materials to achive a complexity – often with a humoristic twist. There are more layers to the story and I want to get the viewer to think and enterpret in their own way – not give answers.

2019 The Skt. Loye exhibition “A Queen Worthy” at Christiansborg Castle, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2019 Group exhibtion: “DAISY, DAISY, DAISY” in The Most Secret Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark.
2019 Group exhibtion: “What kind of ties” by ROERT – The Biennale for Craft and Design 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark
2018 Nominated for ”The Copenhagen Goldsmith’s Guild Skt. Loye Award 2019”
2018 Curating and participating in group exhibition:
”Afterparty – Celebrating 65 Years of Jewellery Art and Silverware”, Copenhagen, Denmark 
2018 Group exhibition: ”The Genius of Images” Gallery LA Joaillerie par Mazlo, Paris, France
2018 Group exhibition: Nomination – Skt. Loye, Koldinghus Castle, Denmark
2017 Group exhibtion: “The B-Team” by ROERT – The Biennale for Craft and Design 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark 
2015 Group exhibition: “We made it”, Gallery Symbol, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015 Group exhibition: Jewellery Art, The Royal Cast Collection, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 Group exhibition: Jewellery Art – Commercial Showpiece, Copenhagen, Denmark

2015 Jewelry Artist – Institute of Precious Metals, Copenhagen, Denmark
1995 Graphic Designer, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, Copenhagen, Denmark
1994 Studies at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, London, UK

2019- Admitted to the Copenhagen Goldsmith Guild
2018- Designshop VIRVAR opened
2016- Admitted to the Danish Crafts & Design Association
2016- The artist group ROERT established
2009- Owner – Nanna Obel Jewellery
2001-09 Senior designer at IdentityPeople|PeopleGroup
2000-2001 Graphic designer at Kühnel Design
1996-2000 Graphic designer at Ole Søndergaard ApS
1994 Internship at Mollerup Designlab